Associate, Director – Mechanical Department

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As CEO and Director of the Mechanical Department, Ronald Desparois gives DND Consultants strategic orientation and is in charge of the optimization of all technical aspects as well as of the quality control.

Experience and Achievements

Mr. Desparois has over 35 years of experience in Industrial and Commercial Building Engineering. Over the past 8 years, he has held managing positions in various high-end companies where he primarily set up and supervised the implementation of mechanical concepts and all the related technical aspects for conventional and high-density computer rooms.
His expertise and in-depth knowledge in this area led him to diagnose faults (troubleshooting) as well as to perform analysis of mechanical systems (audits) in several prestigious data centers such as those of AT & T in New York and Tele-Italia in New Jersey (USA Europe Tata communications network). Furthermore, Ronald took part in the design of mechanical systems of the first high-density data center in Canada.
Mr. Desparois has worked to develop a solution to resolve the issue of relative humidity present in servers rooms using new energy-efficient technologies. His research led him to a company situated in Germany which is specialized in industrial humidification. There, he was able to develop the principle of humidification via adiabatic cooling in data centers. Back in Canada, he designed and set up the first data center humidified by adiabatic cooling without mineral residues (White Dust).
His diligent work and professionalism enjoys an excellent reputation in the field, especially with respect to the design and implementation of the electromechanical systems.


Mr. Desparois holds a Diploma of College Studies in Building Engineering and is a member of the Association of Professional Technologists of Québec. He’s ASHRAE associate. Certificates: Energy Analysis, Building Management, Construction Management.