The 20th of April 2016, Mr. Shuji Nakamura, the inventor of the high output blue LED, Nobel Prize for Physics in 2014, has presented a conference in Montreal. His speech explained the evolution of the LED and announced the new generation of LED, the violet one, which will permit the emission of a full-spectrum white light. Mr. Nakamura presented this new product of its own company (Soraa) that (among others) will fix the blue light issue of the actual white-light emitting diode – Mr. Nakamura explained that the blue light is impacting the human circadian rhythm and is connected to a series of health disorders and even to some types of cancer.
Mr. Mihai Pecingina, electrical engineer with DND Consultants, President of IDA (International Dark-Sky Association) Quebec and Vice-President of IES (Illuminating Engineering Society) Montreal meet Mr. Nakamura: “It was a pleasure to discuss with the inventor of the blue light LED, the base of the new lighting revolution that we’re living today. He gave us a very strong tool, now it’s our turn to use it in the right, intelligent way.” said Mr. Pecingina.
The event was organized by CORIM (Montreal Council on Foreign Relations) and IES Montreal was one of the sponsors. All the Quebec lighting world was present to thanks Mr. Nakamura for his work.